Middelpos Boerboels Guarantee


Middelpos Boerboels Guarantee

At Middelpos Boerboels we breed only with good quality dogs in a healthy condition. Although we try our very best we cannot foresee that defects can happen. Therefor we protect the buyers of our dogs by giving a guarantee with every dog we sell against the following defects.

  • Hipdysplasia worse than 2:2 at 15 months.
  • Vaginal Hyperplasia worse than the standard for Studregister.
  • Entropion
  • An official SABT score of 75% at one year and 80% older than two years. Testing must be done before (females) 24 months and (males) 30 months.

These defects must be certified by a veterinarian or an official SABT inspection form. The dog will be replaced by a puppy of the same quality, or better, on proof that the dog has been neutered, spayed or put down. Any disputes will be presented to a veterinarian of my choice, who will make a judgment.

In the case of a dog being replaced, only the dog will be replaced and all other costs will be for the buyer of the dog.

Middelpos Boerboels will not replace a boerboel due to injury malnourishment or obesity.
Middelpos Boerboels will not replace a boerboel that has already produced an offspring.